Smoking is a true art form. Take your art to the next level by smoking out of a gorgeous piece. Buddha Glass sells glass pipes from artists local to St. Cloud, Monticello, MNN and around the globe. Almost every day we receive a new shipment of unique glass and hand pipes designed to personalize your smoking experience.

Purchase locally made glass pipes from our shop in St. Cloud or Monticello, MN. Stop by today.

Showcase your preference with handmade glass pipes

We're proud to offer glass pipes and smoking devices of all types, including:

Waterpipes, both large and small, Bongs, Oil Rigs, and Bubblers
Spoons, Sherlocks, Chillums, and Bats of all shapes, colors, and sizes
Nectar Collectors and Honey Straws
A great selection of Cartridge devices
Many types of herbal Vaporizers
And all the accessories you need to go with them!

Choose from a wide variety of waterpipes, hand pipes and chillums from local artists like Tornado Studios, Robin Glass, Clouded Candy, Elroy Honeycomb, A3D3, and more. We have an amazing talent pool in Minnesota!

Visit our shop in St. Cloud, MN today. Our friendly staff will help you find the product that's perfect for you.