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Are you on the hunt for a smoke shop in St. Cloud, MN that has everything you need to achieve the ultimate chill? If so, pay a visit to Buddha Glass-THE place to shop for lifestyle products. Choose from a wide variety of Legal THC, Minnesota legal THC products, and CBD, handmade glass pipes, e-cigs, and unique tobacco wraps.

If you're in St. Cloud or Monticello, MN and need Legal THC, Minnesota legal THC products, and CBD or tobacco products, visit our smoke shop today.

E Cigs

E Cigs

Flavors beyond your wildest imagination.

Waterpipes, Hand pipes and Chillums

Waterpipes, Hand pipes and Chillums

Handmade products for the dreamer in you.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco Products

Quality tobacco products for every smoker.

Inhale our premium products

Our Legal THC, Minnesota legal THC products, and CBD and glass shop has been a staple in St. Cloud, MN for nearly half a decade. We're proud to sell top-quality products along with locally made items. When you shop with us, you're guaranteed to find:

A wide selection of products to choose from
Cost-effective items with premium quality
Helpful alternatives for relieving stress and anxiety

Our Legal THC, Minnesota legal THC products, and CBD shop and smoking accessories shop is designed with your unique needs in mind. Stop by our store today.

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